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Pinterest PECS System Autism and Pinterest Dating

Pinterest has the potential to become a communication tool for those with autism. I’ve blogged about this in the past and posted sample layouts. The goal would be to help the community, but of course a lot of money could be made. Attached is a sample of how Pinterest can be used as a PECS communication tool. PECS is a Picture Exchange Communication System used … Continue reading Pinterest PECS System Autism and Pinterest Dating

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Inside the Mind of William Roetzheim

Getting to interview William Roetzheim, an award-winning poet, playwright and author of many books, was a pleasure. His insightful reflections aren’t filled with arrogance. Instead, he has a subtle, genuine need to share his experiences and messages with the world. William’s attention to detail in his poetry, and in sorting through others’, is paramount, because it reflects the professional nature of being a poet. He is … Continue reading Inside the Mind of William Roetzheim

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A Nice Interview with Jane King

In this economy money matters, especially for women. Jane King, the founder of Lilamax Media, has taken on the responsibility of keeping women financially literate through her television broadcast, Jane King Reports. Jane was born in Kokomo, Indiana but she didn’t stay there long. She’s worked as a reporter and anchor for radio and television shows from Indiana, to Illinois and now she’s made a … Continue reading A Nice Interview with Jane King

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Adam Crossley Interview

Creative writers always dream of their work being published, getting radio play, airing on TV or hitting the big screen. Only a select few get to see their dreams come to fruition, Adam Crossley is one of the few. Several years ago Adam performed on a PBS special with Grammy-nominated Jim Brickman and since then he’s written many more songs and has gone on tour. … Continue reading Adam Crossley Interview

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Candid Interview with Actor and Stuntman Adam C. Ciesielski

Most of us spend our younger years reading, hitting the mall and riding bicycles. However, Adam C. Ciesielski had more dangerous plans. He was, and still is, an adrenaline junkie, who would rather be doing tricks on four wheelers than playing a board game. He wasn’t born to be a small-town boy. Adam was born to be an entertainer. Over the last 10 years he’s … Continue reading Candid Interview with Actor and Stuntman Adam C. Ciesielski

Andrew Yang and Wrath

Today, on Twitter, Andrew Yang was talking about identifying problems. When there’s a problem we should ask God about it. You can ask God to reveal to you the source of the problem. If He doesn’t reveal the source don’t worry. It means that God is going to take care of the problem His way. Supporting scripture: 19 Do not avenge yourselves, beloved, but leave room for God’s wrath. For it is written: “Vengeance … Continue reading Andrew Yang and Wrath

Let Them Know

When I volunteered to get Senator Booker elected I spoke to a lot of people. Our team collected 1,000’s of signatures. Along the way I had some great conversations, and I learned a lot. Most people never tell politicians how they feel. This leads to unnecessary struggles and damaging assumptions.  Simmering in anger is not the best approach to conflict resolution. Yet, that’s what many people do. Please write your leaders if something is wrong. Give them a chance to help make things right. Even if they disagree with you at … Continue reading Let Them Know

Pathway to God

Some people think the pathway to God is doing the right thing or having the right friends. They might even think that behaving with good manners is the way to God but it’s not. The pathway to God is Jesus Christ. 6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. 22Who is the liar, if it is not … Continue reading Pathway to God

Believe and Receive

Minister Gabriel Fernandes teaches people to believe and receive. I’m in agreement with him that believers should speak and declare blessings over their lives. All believers should say their prayers knowing that they will be answered. God is glorified by answering our prayers. Just last night the Lord answered one of my financial prayers. He has done this for me over and over again. Believe … Continue reading Believe and Receive