Ran Into My Friend Tony

I always enjoy my time with my friend Tony because he has such a gentle spirit. He was in the military for 20 years and in Special Forces for a couple.

He is humble and as genuine as they come. Its refreshing when someone is genuine and you don’t have to play guessing games about if they’re actually your friend.

Tony has to be atleast 6’4″ yet he never tries to intimidate people with his size. He’s generous, helpful, kind and honest.

We should acknowledge the good character traits in people. When we recognize the good in people more good comes from it.

Tonight we grabbed a bite to eat and both of us listened to what the other had to say. We talked about the world and the direction that it’s going. Then we prayed for each other before parting ways.

He said one of the funniest prayers I’ve ever heard in my life. He says really funny things and does very interesting hand gestures when he speaks.

I’m thankful for his friendship.


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